CCRC Collaborations : Prof. Jonas Moeck, Technical University of Berlin

09 April, 2017

The Clean Combustion Research Center was honored to have Prof. Jonas Moeck working in our labs, in collaboration with Prof. Deanna Lacoste and her team of researchers on thermo-acoustic instabilities and flame dynamics this month.  

“We are working on studying the interaction of the combustion process of the flame with the acoustic resonances of the combustion chamber. Under certain conditions, the flame and the acoustic resonance of the chamber may interact in an undesirable way. Everything starts to oscillate, creating many negative consequences. We would like to avoid this phenomenon. Because these experiments are done at elevated pressures, it is very complex and unsteady. You need proper experimental setups that are not found in a lot of places around the world. The Clean Combustion Research Center has one that has been specifically created for this application.” stated Prof. Jonas Moeck.


Jonas Moeck is an Assistant Professor of combustion dynamics at the Technical University of Berlin. He received his engineering degree and PhD also from the Technical University Berlin and had a postdoc position at Ecole Centrale, Paris. His research focuses on flame dynamics, active control of combustion instabilities, and low-order modeling and stability analysis.

He has been working in collaboration with Dr. Deanna Lacoste, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering for the past two years. Her research is focused on plasma-assisted detonation, control of thermoacoustic instabilities at high pressure, and control of flame extinction and ignition by surfaces. She is also interested in developing new plasma strategies for ignition of internal combustion engines, and development of sensors, based on the electrical properties of flames.

Originally published in the CCRC website