Dynamics of hydrogen-ammonia flames

One promising strategy to integrate the energy from renewable sources in the grid is by using hydrogen carrier fuels burned in gas turbines.

This strategy has multiple advantages:

  1. The energy is available independent of the time of production;
  2. The current infrastructure for power generation can be adapted to these new fuels;
  3. The combustion of carbon-free fuels does not release any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Power plants are generally burning fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, diesel, heavy fuel oil, etc. Replacing these traditional fuels by hydrogen carriers will be challenging. In this context, the PAC group started a collaborative project on “Tailoring Flame dynamics on Carbon Free Combustors” with the CPC group of Prof. Mani Sarathy (KAUST), Dr. Thibault Guiberti (KAUST) and Prof. Jonas Moeck’s group at (NTNU, Norway). This project is funded by KAUST through a CRG grant. The overall aim of this project is to facilitate the stable design of future combustor technology operating on carbon-free fuels.